Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fashola addresses N78m website, deportation of non-indigenes & more #MinisterialScreening

FASHOLA  was the first ministerial nominee to be screened today.The former Lagos state governor has answered questions extensively on several subject ..Many have termed it a lecture rather than a screening ..These are some points I got so far .
On how he recorded so much achievements in Lagos,he noted he could not take credit as it was a collective effort of his team and those who governed before him,
In line with all of the work that took place in Lagos.I could not ever attempt to personally take credit for the work you commended happened in my state.It is a team effort and the effort of all those who pioneered before me.
On security,he says the Police force needs to be decentralized ..He stressed the need for the state police .He said that would create more jobs,bring respect to the force and also said the state police could be introduced to start attend to issues like Rape,Traffic offences ..
That is the primary purpose of every government.It is the challenge leaders across the world as facing.My attitude was to see criminals as my competitor and with all competitions,my desire was to win. My job was to put resources into defeating the competition.Every citizen that was robbed, I had failed 
On the N78m website  ,he said he never signed a cheque in all8 years of his tenure as governor,he also said he never signed any contract or attended to any personally .He notedno one can accuse him of unjustly enriching himself 
Some people have been surprised to know that as governor of Lagos state , I don't sign cheques.I have never signed a cheque .No commissioner of mine signed cheques  .I don't sit in awards of contracts.Through out my tenure i have consulted on the prices of different things 
I don't sign cheques. None of my commissioners signed cheques .
On repatriating non-indigenes from Lagos to other states, Fashola apologized for the "deportation" controversy but said ,the right to free movement in a federation is not an ABSOLUTE RIGHT.It comes with the responsibility not to be a NUISANCE. He alsonoted most were rehabilitated as they had mental issues and said once they recovered, they asked to be returned to their homes or states.The ex-governor also noted he sent out correspondences to those states in question

On leaving huge debt in Lagos,he said  instead of borrowing to do little things,he borrowed for capital expenditures
 "We don't borrow to pay Salaries or Buy Generators, We borrow for Capital Expenditures.Instead of borrowing to run gen I will invest in a power plant

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