Friday, October 23, 2015

One stabbed as armed robbers rob motorists in Lagos traffic

One man was stabbed during an armed robbery incident along the Costain-Eko bridge yesterday night. Motorists who were in traffic as they returned from work were robbed of their valuables by robbers who were armed with pistols, hammers, cutlasses and other dangerous weapons. 
The robbers smashed the glasses of motorists and demanded for their phones, bags and other valuables. In some cases, the motorists were the ones who had to wind down their car windows and hand over their belongings so that there cars will not destroyed. 
Also at Oshodi yesterday night, a lady was robbed of her belongings by some hoodlums. The spate of armed robbers attacking motorist in Lagos has increased in recent times. Please the government needs to work on the security of our lives and property.

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