Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Last  week we discuss about a (TRUE LIFE STORY) http://nigeriantopsecret.blogspot.com/2016/04/the-message-true-life-story.html a boy been sack from his working place and sequence attack received in his newly rented apartment at Ojota Lagos in which one of the Nigerian Top Secret reader disclosed the information. He ask question, and as well requested for a suggestion. One of Nigeria Top Secret the readers who is following the story write me. He  say that such attack  may be as a result of Family Problem, some says it depend on the compound he is staying , while majority says is a case of a Spiritual Covenant made with his previous girlfriends which has married since 2014, why some say he needs a family, but the person in question school at Kwara State for six (6) good years without a single attack. The question is dose it means that Lagos state is different from other states in Nigeria, in which he has being into. he grow up in his Village without an attack,  went to Benin city (Edo State) No attack, No attack at Abjua, No attack at Calaber etc. Another researched was also carried out to know the reason why he was always being sack at his working places, (Examples)  ESTREAM NETWORK  an (ISP Internet Service Provider) Located at 22C Ligali Ayorinde Street Victoria Island Lagos. It was gather that the sack was a case of Sentiment, Tribalism, Religion Discrimination. Meaning the man in question happen to be a Christian while the said company employed him as a Muslim. I don't know the authentication of these story but all i know was he is being sack over a minor issue. The company in question was own by a Muslim man, they majority accept Muslim brethren more than a Christian brethren. According to the story, he was sack after his first month salary. The same thing happen at LOUIS VALENTINO located at Magboro, Ibafo, Beside Punch News Paper Lagos. He work for just 2 weeks and was sack without notice or warning letter. The company in question was also owned by a group of people, while the Group General Manager was a Muslim man. My question now was? Why are there bringing Tribalism, Religion Discrimination and Sentiment into a corporate organization, the Nigeria Labour did not approved Religion discrimination, Sentiment or termination of an employee contract without given 3 month grace in any organization. The funny aspect of it was, the said companies in are not small companies, meaning they have 80 – 100 employees each. While the third company  DOUBLE STAR INVESTMENT LIMITED located at, 1 Bolaji Industrial Crescent Arepo Owode Obafemi L.G.A Ogun State, which has 50 – 80 staffs, the company is owned by a CHINESE MAN
My question now was?  Are we still practicing Democracy in Nigeria, Are we still obeying the rule of Law in our country?  In other country, a graduate is seen as the leader of tomorrow. why are there not practicing it here in Nigeria. A country where a Female graduate are been  molested  

 before given out a job while Male graduate are ask to bribe the HR/ Admin officer before an appointment is being secure. We need changes in our Government, Labour Market and Religions

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