Thursday, August 4, 2016


Nigerian has a Constitution which covers Human Rights, Labour Law etc but it is very unfortunate that some companies has take it as a habit of disobeying the Nigerian Labour law, yet we are all practicing democratic forms of government. A Nigerian top secret writer is using this opportunity to appeal to the general public to take time and look into the matter. Louis Valentino Limited Magboro Ogun who employed the said employee as an Executive Assistant on 26th day of October 2015 and later sack him on November 2015 without giving a warning letter, stated the reason of been sack or even giving him three to six month probation period as stated in the Nigerian Labour Law. A lawyer was invited by the employee to know the reason of been sack but he was not allowed to see the Managing Director so as to defend himself only the lawyer was allowed to see the said Managing Director. After a brief meeting with the lawyer , the managing Director promise the lawyer that he we paid his salary but up till date, the said salary has never being paid. A Nigerian top secret writer is using this medium to remind the said company (Louis Valentino Limited) to pay his salary to any of this account. Diamond Bank: 006992644, Name: John Gabriel Obinna, Zenith Bank: 2111063280, Name: Gabriel Obinna and Access Bank: 0041129421, Name: Gabriel Obinna . thanks for your time. for information visit

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