Friday, September 23, 2016


Last week I wrote something about Agbero demand pay from a Nigerian police officer, that load at lagos toll gate. This the second part of it. At benin bypass, the transportation cost is usually cheep because of fuel scarcity, but this time the case become different as we the passenger waited for several hours for a Lagos bus and when the bus finally arrived with one Area boy and a driver. The driver say the bus is N1200 from Benin to Lagos while one woman passenger at the other end reply the bus is N1500, I pulse for a while to see how the drama we end. Meanwhile, I still have the courage to move closer to the driver and the Area boy beside him and asked please driver I want to go Lagos but I have N1000 can I enter your bus, Ojota is my last bus stop, yet the woman passenger and others still reply the bus is N1500 and our last bus stop is shagamu, I enter the bus and pay my own part of bargain and choose Ojota as my own last bus stop while others pay N1500 and choose shagamu as their last bus stop. On our way to Lagos, a girl beside me asked please brother, I'm going to Ajah Lagos Island do you know the easiest route? I reply yes I do while the bus keep on moving on getting to Shagamu , the driver pack and says this is my last bus stop, as i,m about to objected the driver , the girl who says he is going to Ajah came down and choose to enter Abeokuta bus nawaooo for Nigerian people and wahala! Meanwhile as we are debating, the driver find another bus for me yet those passenger that choose to stop at shagamu still enter the same bus with me instead stopping at shagamu as there choose to pay higher and stop nearer.
When the Benin driver left shagamu park, the Shagamu driver start his own wahala! "Please everybody when dey this bus," my own last bus stop is begger I'm not going to Ojota again, I objected him and say I told you infront of the other driver that I'm stopping at Ojota why sudden change from Ojota to begger? We debated for 3 good hours at the end we leave the shagamu park to Lagos. While on our way to lagos, I still objected the driver that Ojota is my last bus stop, yet the conductor replied i prefer stopping you at road instead of giving us problems, as he about stopping all of us at the road side one Alhaja beside me balance me N200 to enter ojota bus while we proceed to lagos. on getting to begger, the driver park and say this is our bus stop while the other passenger reply Ketu is our last bus stop. I gently get down with my N200 balance from Alhaja and enter Ojota bus for more gist visit

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