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Ecclesiastes 10:8 He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him.
A touching story of Nigerian Top Secret writer.
After completion of NYSC program , I got no job for the moment, so I decided to employed myself at One Remote company at Bayesal State as Sales Representative, my job description include moving from one Community to another to market our product to our customers, A community like Nembe an Island surrounded by water, Brass Island with constant electric supply, Akassa and Sanga.
Below is my Corporate pictures at Town Brass, Akassa, Nembe etc

I invested the cash i made from the business into ICT center / Cafe.
Below is the ICT  images.

 below is my Delta corporate images

below is my Lious Valentino Limited Corporate dressing

Since the managing Director of Lious Valentino Limited beside Punch news paper Magboro Ogun employed me as an Executive Assistance on September 2015 and later sack me after working for two weeks without Warning letter ,Payment or Query as demanded by Nigerian labour law, I hired a lawyer ,invited Nigerian Police, told Rev. Father and a Pastor in other to figure out the reason behind the sudden termination of appointment, yet I got no response from the company. One months after the termination of the appointment, my Cyber Cafe / I C T center fold up. I remain indoor for 6 months without pay or any sources of income yet i go church pay my tithe and Offering. On June 2016, I decided to quit churches pray inside my house read my bible etc since one Pastor Advice me to quit my job become a pastor by undergoing a pastor school but he didn't provide any means of paying my school fees, utility bills or means of paying my house rentage . i have to employed myself as sales Representative in one remote company located at Delta state with three to six month probation period as demanded by Nigerian labour.

According to the Offer letter and job description, my duties including moving from one community to another why on the work. Meanwhile i encounter a lot of challenges and as well got a lot of experiences, I was also doing well at the job for the first three months. One day I visit a community called Mosugar at delta state, as a stranger that i am in that community, I interview one of the community guys but to my greatest surprises, the response i got from him was "this community didn't have a constant electricity for the past 2 months so this your business can't move here!" i over look the response and keep on marketing my product, after several hours of stress i interview another person to confirm the response of the other person still the response i got was almost the same "this community, majority of them depends only on Generator as sources of power supply, no Electricity for the past two to six months this your product can only sell to generator users. I pulse for a while and ask what about the Youth Leader I think you should table the matter to him, he is the person that suppose table the matter to the person in charge of power supply, i,m just a visitor here.

I proceeded to market my product to another customer, on getting there, I told him my selling price, why his response was this remote is been sold for Ajongodo for N300 why should he buy it for N500. I left him because the amount i brought it is higher than the amount he price why I proceeded to another customer, still I got same response, "In Ajongodo, this remote is been sold for N300 why should he buy it higher. with annoyance I left Mosugar to Sapele, on getting to Sapele I got same response that the remote is been sold for Ajongodo for N300 while should he buy it higher!. On hearing the response, I was force to correct Ajongodo address from the prospective customer and take keke napepu to the described destination but I was amaze when I figure out that the address he gave me is quit different from the address i saw on the sign post yet the keke napep rider got the address right without asking questions.

On getting there, the remote that I needed is been sold sold for N300 while his retailing price is N500. I brought the remote from him and left to prospect another customer but to my surprises I still get same response that the remote is been sold for N300 at Ajangodo. Hmmmmm.
Finally, about three customers that previously brought a remote from me ask for their money hence I didn't have another remote to replaced the one I sold for them, i peacefully return their money in other to maintain a good relationships them.

Isaiah 54:17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.
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