Saturday, September 26, 2015

23yr old man insists former lawmaker is his father despite negative DNA result

21 year old student of Federal College of Technology,Akure, Shola Olusola Warah, his mother Sarah and other members of the family are accusing Honourable Sulyman Warah of being Shola's father.

Honourable Sulyman Warah who is a former member of Kwara state house of assembly and is now married to another woman with four girls admitted he dated Sola's mum several years ago but denies being his father. In order to prove his innocence, he agreed to a DNA test to check Shola's paternity.

The DNA result came out and proved that Hon Sulyman Warah wasn't Shola's father.

Shola however, refused to accept the negative DNA result because he said he suspected that his father had used his political and financial influence to distort the DNA result.

Shola, rather brought a  petition over the DNA test carried out by one Diagnostic Centre in Ilorin which stated that Warah was not his father, and copied the medical and dental council of Nigeria, Abuja, Correspondents Chapel of the NUJ in the state and Legal Aid Council, Kwara state chapter on the alleged unethical practice/breach of agreement of the Centre and its staff.

During clarification with Saturday Vanguard, Shola said he could have possibly poisoned himself if not for the strong faith he had in God which has been keeping him going in life.

He said:
”Many times when I’m among my friends in school,and they begin to tell stories of what their fathers did for them I always feel terrible that I don’t have such stories to tell,” he said, his eyes heavy with tears. “Many times I’m frustrated but my faith in God and the knowledge about life have kept me alive because I have a very strong hope that I will make it in life”.he says.
“At 23, I don’t want anything from him,just for him to accept me as his son. I know that my God that had kept me till now will see me to the top. I want to know my biological father so that I can be psychologically balanced for life. I won’t be an outcast whenever I’m in the midst of people discussing their fathers. For all I know, I did not drop from heaven, I have never heard or read anything like that across the globe. Somebody must have been responsible for the pregnancy that led to my birth".
”It's only a woman that can tell the real father of a child, so when my mother told me about the whole scenario, I believed her”
The mother now in tears being consoled by relations who accompanied them recalled her love life with the former member of kwara state House of Assembly some twenty nine years ago which later culminated into the birth of Shola.

The Honourable has said he's willing to have another test wherever else they want to go to.

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