Thursday, May 5, 2016


My last blog I talk about Political war and discrimination click here if you miss the story. Since 1963  to 1965 when Nnamdi Azikiwe become the first  Nigeria President,  follow by Major General Johnson Aguiyi Ironsi as Military ruler 16/1/1966  which his reign result into nation war called BIAFRA WAR when the Northern are trying to dominate the nations leaving the Igbo out of government which lead to nation war, and after the war, the Yoruba’s took over the government. Up till date Igbo’s are finding it difficult to secure a presidential position , the reason is not that the Igbo’s don’t want to be ruling Nigeria, is simply because there are not in unity. take for instance during the presidential election 2015,  when Rochas Okorocha the governor of  Imo State,  the formal head of state Goodluck Ebere Jonathan, and Major General Mohammed Buhari , nominated as a presidential candidate,  few Igbo’s Supported Rochas Okorocha, some  supported the formal head of state Goodluck Ebere Jonathan, and majority supported General Buhari in which President Buhari won. Few month after the election, A National Security meeting was held and it was observed that the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo was not allowed to attend any of the Nigerian security meeting, reason is that the Vice President was not a trained Military Officer. Click  here if you miss the story.  Now let discus the issue of Unity into Nigerian Politics. Let take the Hausa first, when an Emir of Kano give order, all the Northern we support him, when and Oba of Yoruba land give speech, you cannot say otherwise  except if  you are not a true Yoruba indigene,  but the case become different when you talk about the Igbo’s,  Igbo’s always prove otherwise, hardly an Igbo man support his brothers in terms of Unity during presidential election. ( if you like become the Chief of all chief meaning Igwe of all Igwes) an Igbo man we not give you audience  provided you didn’t drop money or do things in his favour, and this attitude  has lead Igbos failing out in terms of  becoming the nigerian head of state.  All the Igbos want is how business we be bumming, what is your contribution towards his business, how much are you ready to give, which make it more difficult for them to make choices among themselves during the election.  The same thing applicable in terms of discrimination  and sentiment in an organization  in which I wrote about last month  , A TRUE LIFE STORY click here  if you miss the story.  The blog talk about one man who happen to be sack from his working place over a minor issue, and after the investigation we figure out that  it was all about Sentiment and Religion discrimination, meaning , the man in question work for just 2 weeks in the first company after his resumption and he was sack, he also worked for 2 weeks in the second company after his resumption and was sack as well, both the two companies are owned and control by a Muslim man, (a Yoruba Indigene). The funny thing is that the man in question was  an Igbo man. With this example, let us flash back into the issue of Sentiment, Tribalism  and Religion Discrimination in an organization, click here, if you miss the story.
When comparing the points, the Igbo’s in Politics, Sentiment and Religion Discrimination in an organization, you we figure out that the Hausa and Yoruba’s really love themselves in everything they do, call it employment, Business, admission into schools and collage, for an owner of a company to sentimentally discriminate and keep the Muslim brethren and decided to sack the a Christian brethren you we figure out that they really mean business.

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