Tuesday, May 10, 2016


God of mercy!,God of mercy!,God of mercy!!!today U fuck your brother wife in nite,d next day you go church & ask God for mercy,tomorrow  you kill someone through witchcraft, the next day you go to church for prayer,Pastors /Prophet Sleep with someone wife in the name of helping her to conceive,on Sunday you will see him preaching about Fornication/Adultery. A Prophet may manipulate someone glory through witchcraft still he/she remain in the otta of God,U call yourself a christian but go to Alfah /Native Doctor 4 spiritual help, Brethren Stop complicating issues,chose ye the God whom you will serve for me & my family, we worship d living God,If u want to be a christian,the choice is yours, and If u want to be Muslim, you are welcome & If is Native Doctor then face them for your own safety. Not
Bible 4 this hand & spiritual scarifies in other hand.( The more you go into different spiritual consultation, The more Jealous each gods, Remember God is a Jealous God) & your result simply means causing more problem for yourself. for more information about End time signed, visit http://nigeriantopsecret.blogspot.com/2016/04/the-message-true-life-story.html for a true life story

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