Tuesday, June 28, 2016


My last blog I talk about issue affecting Nigerian government and society. To day I we be discussing about the issues of doctrines and how it affect Christianity and Nigerian as whole. Let us take a closer look at the Bible as a guild line to Christianity and how it been practiced in various churches.

 According to the book of Exodus 20 which indicate The ten commandment of God, it was observed that LOVE was the ultimate, but churches this days are not exhibiting the characteristic “WHY?”, The reasons is well know to those who have spiritual eyes. Let take for instance the first day you will be invited to a church, a form we be issue to you by the ushers, your name we be noted down and you we be asked to belong to a group, attend the activities, Pay dues, like Tithe, Building Found, Missionary Found, etc but when you have a problem the issues become different.

I can recall different Issues/Matter where by a member of a church may need assistance from church and he we be denies of it, for example, a member being denies of Visitation when he/she is sick, A Financial Assistance from a church, or a member being denies during resolution of critical matter outside a church. The servant of God may used unnecessary reason in other to block the assistance. Some churches may say he/she have not done his full membership in a church but he is a full member in a group, or some we say he is not a communicant in their own church. “What different been a full member in a group and not a full member in a church?”. And because of all this reason, most born again Christian and believer may depart from churches.

Furthermore the bible stated that he who worship and obey him should not suffer or become poor, yet most members suffer and die in churches without fulfilling their destiny. According to the book of Leviticus 25:35-36 “If a fellow Israelite living near you become poor and cannot support himself or herself, you must provide for them as you would provide for a hired servant, so that they can continue to live near you . Do not charge them any interest but obey God and let your fellow Israelite live near you.”. Yet you we see one servant of God who own 3 private jets and Big Jeep and his active member are begging for food.

Secondary, let talk about the issues of Interchurch Doctrine and how it affects Nigerians and our society. See for instance A Redeem Doctrine is different from Winner Chapel Doctrine, A Christ Ascension Church Doctrine is different from Assembly of God Doctrine and A Catholic Church Doctrine is quite different from Anglican Church Doctrine, yet we used same bible, deliver same message and served same God. Also Same thing applicable in the issues of Baptism in churches. Let take for instance, if you are attending Redeem Christian church of God and want to change to a Winner Chapel Church, you have to undergoes another Baptism before you we be accepted as full member of a Winner Chapel, same thing applicable if    someone want to change from Catholic church to Anglican Church, the person have to undergoes another water baptism  before he we be accepted as a full member of an Anglican Church. Yet bible indicate that someone have to undergoes a water Baptism once.

Finally, in other to save our country and society as a whole, the issues of Religion Discrimination should be look upon, Sentiment in an organization / Institution should be regulated, Doctrines of Churches / Mosques should be regulated and Fight against human right should be maintain

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