Sunday, July 10, 2016


Stop blackmailing and complicating issues about been a virgin and to be compare to the issue of corruption. Your perception of virginity is the derailed perception!! Let people have sex if they want, especially if it's safe!! It's a basic necessity of life, not some shameful thing...especially as it is overrated over the ladies!!!
Being a virgin is not just about having a hymen, or not yet penetrating a vagina. It's about being ''pure'' and not corrupt. Who is not corrupt? Some of us think about sex a lot of times that we haven't had sex yet, but our minds have lost their virginity. In life, We wear tattoos, Rub creams, Take drugs, and our bodies change to things they weren't before. We also tell lies, hate, commit several atrocities... That's corruption. As young kids born, we were virgins till we started doing these things. To me, that is losing virginity. So next time a girl or a boy has sex, not only her lost her virginity, you too! Everyone is a virgin in an aspect, and all of us have lost our virginity in some aspects too!
If you don’t want , There is a word call self control, that somebody felt aroused does not make him automatically corrupt. one could be tempted and lured, what makes one corrupt is ones participation. For example someone cannot be called a thief because he had the thought until he steals he is not a thief. If my daughter is mature enough, and has safe sex, why should I stop her? If you don't want to have sex, that's your business. Take a back seat, or possibly, grab some porn and entertain yourself!!
Finally ,What you should know is, one having sex doesn't literally translate to one being defied or spoilt or corrupt! Sex is good and awesome! And when one chooses to have it with whomever, is a response to their emotions. It's left for them to decide well whom to have it with! Not anybody else' business at all!!! for more information visit

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