Friday, July 29, 2016


. Last week, a writer of Nigerian top secret reader had a face to face interview with one of Double star investment limited marketer to know how their product is moving so far, according to the interview ,it was observed that their product is gradually out of market, because of the increment of fuel price , the cost of production is getting higher, customers are complaining because they can no longer meeting the agree target , reason the fuel increment affect the cost of production, and these effect affect the supply and demand of the existing customers ,meaning the customer prefer another product to that of double star investment known as chew chew peanut , Mumi chim-chim and Yumi flavor. According to the marketer , they have to introduce secondary sales so as to push the product to the retailers and these also make the job unenjoyable for them . reason is that them the marketer are no longer meeting their target as usual for more information visit

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