Thursday, February 9, 2017



News update_
LAGOS WAHALA, Yesterday being 4th February 2017: A contract staff of a Nigerian Top Secret blogger was on his way to Alaba International market for a business research and information acquisition he took a bus from Ikeja Along to Egbeda, why on our way to Egbeda the bus conductor suddenly change route from Egbeda to Iyana Ipaja ,Boundary without notice I was force to ask the driver why the sudden changing of route from our bargaining destination, but all effort made was in vain, even the few passenger inside the bus just keep mute, on getting to Iyana Ipaja, I gently came down and cross the other side of the road to search or look for a bus going to Alaba international market Ojo but the luck was not my side as one Agbero at Iyana Ipaja approaches our bus and start beating up the bus conductor for illegal parking in front of a bank, to worsting the case, the passenger door side glass was break by the Agbero why hitting the bus and injured a passenger that sat beside me, as I was trying to figure out the next bus to take, a Nigerian military men appears from no way and demanded for the Agbero that injured the passenger, for more update about this blog visit

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