Saturday, February 18, 2017


(A Spiritual adjournments)

A male given name, borne by numerous saints and 13 popes. It was first being practiced by Jesus Christ and the twelve Apostles at Roma' LEO is a spiritual adjournment used by a spiritual Leaders, Elders,Rev
. Fathers ,Popes, and Pastors


According to the bible and Christain doctrine, LEO is being used to maintain LOVE and unity between pair Group or organization, it is being used in Churches, Mosques and compounds, Leo can also be used for evil practices if you didn't know who Leo or pair you together with the group mostly for evil compounds and some houses, it is better you related or make friends with those you know very well and can add value to your life. I can recall when I first relocated to Lagos after my NYSC, the first house I parked in at Tajudeen street Military Zone bus stop Ejigbo Lagos, 2011. I learn a lot at that house, that is having a lot of bad experiences both nights and day to the extend of leaving that compounds and relocated to Jubrial fasanya street same Ejigbo Lagos 2014 and also leave my ICT center /cyber Cafe business at Ifoshi road Ejigbo (an Oba of Ejigbo business Plaza) and relocated to Calabar cross River State. During that period, my ICT center is not that bumming well, even when I secure my first appointment with one of the Nigerian leading Bank through Workforce Management Center Gbagada Lagos, a guarantor form given by the consulting firm was turn down and rejected  by my landlord son who is at level 12 and working at Ikeja local government Area, follow by another rejection by an Oba of Ejigbo cousins who is also my landlord at ifoshi road Ejigbo, simply because there didn't know me that much but they know I operate an ICT center and also pay house rent age through that same Shop I rented.

What are we pointing out here, LEO have a lot of disadvantages it is better you know and understand the type of business or jobs your friends do before relating much to them to avoid being Leo into bad group or destiny hunters, click here to read more about Destiny Hunter or copy and paste to read about Lagos Landlord

Furthermore. Any friends who cannot add value to your life is better cut off, to avoid putting or adding more to your problems. for instance having a President who cannot help in times of needs is better cut and look for a beggar or roadside friends who cannot support you in terms of physical issues like signing of guarantor form is better and urgent needs.  for more about spiritual topic clicking or copy and paste, to read Spiritual Chatting and the disadvantages. for more information visit

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