Wednesday, March 29, 2017


I see No reason why some people are against Western Education. The Managing Director of Louis Valentino Limited besides punch News Papers Magboro Ogun State has vow to break the Educational ethics by choosing to follow the Saudi Arabia ways of handling organization dispute called Boko Harams ways. for more understanding of this article visit. Fraudulent Companies and how it Disobey Nigerian Government…/fraudulent-compani… They say western Education is very bad whereas they send their children to the highest school to acquired the knowledge .They say after a successful work well done in a month ,a salary should be the reward but they bypass and decided to follow shot cut by using Guns and cutlass to correct money from governments .They say Policemen or Civil defence should be the one in settling civil dispute but the case is now different .I think this is a personal insult to Nigerian teachers and Lecturers in our schools and Institution,enough is enough , the national laws should been maintained for more update visit

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