Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Read Mathew 24:1-35
1-Adultery is authorized in South Africa, no man or woman has the right to get separated from their partner because he/she committed adultery
2-The US agreed that for better relationships with the world super powers, all the countries of the
world must accept homosexual marriage (woman +woman=1 or man+man= 1)
3- Germany just signed a law that declares the non-existence of incest (Brothers and sisters can now get married, mothers and their sons, fathers and their daughters.)
4- The city of Miami is from now proclaimed public sex sales city, meaning that any where you feel the need arise you can go ahead and satisfy yourself (even in church).
5- Canada has authorized bestiality (sex with animals). In Spain, pornographic movies are authorized in secondary schools and universities.
6- Prostitution for minors has been authorized. Marg Luker states that every young lady from the age of 10 starts feeling sexual pleasure and no one should hinder her from discovering how her body works.
7- Finaly, the US have authorized and made public satanic churches. Dear brother and sisters, the end is near, the glorious departure will soon be here. Christians are letting themselves be distracted by the devil who intends to drag along as many souls as possible away from divine mercy. Let's
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