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 Ephesians:5:12 -13 it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.5:13 But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light. Click here…/sex-or-love-making-… to read SEX OR LOVE MAKING REMAIN SPIRITUAL THINGS UNTIL WHEN PROVE :


Stealing: The rate at which crimes is increasing everyday, Nigerian Policemen / Vigilantly Officers can no longer handle them, but before we proceed let me give you a brief explanation of (STEALING) To take illegally, or without the owner's permission, something owned by someone else. When you illegally take something that does not belong to you if caught, it become an offense punishable under state or Federal government law but if not caught an investigation we commence by a sign Investigation Officer until he/she locate the actual person that carry out the act and still punished them accordingly :

 Furthermore some thieves exhibited their act on daylight basis while some in the middle of night when everybody is sleeping and if not caught at that moment it means it we take longer before you locate the actual victim or those that participated in the stealing. I can recall back then during my 100 level when I used to travel and hustle at Benin City Edo State, I meet a lot of bad guys including the two bad guys that broke my head collected my newly brought Samsung fillip handset at Sapkomba road Benin city Edo State and also collected some cash from me. A report was made at Sapele Road Police command but on getting there, the guys ran away meaning No suspect and no case recorded, the same thing happens when a groups of 419 deceived me and collected the Sum of Fifty thousand naira only (N50K), at same Sapele road Benin city still I made an entry at same Police station but couldn't get my money back from them and also the one that happen at Oshodi Lagos when I was working with one Chinese man company (Double Star Investment Limited Arepo Magboro Ogun State, when a group of unidentified guys picked the sum of Thirty five thousand naira (N35K) from my bag, even the one that happened at an OBA OF EJIGBO business plaza when an unidentified guys enter my ICT center and made a way with my Laptop and a Digital camera click here…/a-nigeria-drama-ba… to read A NIGERIAN DRAMA BASE ON TRUE LIFE STORY:

And Finally the one that recently happens in our compound at Ogini Road Ogharefe Oghara Delta State where they broke into our kitchen made away with our Four corner Stove ,6 iron pot , 5 Litters of kerosene , one pent of Garri ,One pent of rice etc, and  i also made a report at Oghara Police Station Oghara Delta state yet didn't get my things back.  What am i trying to picture out here, HUNGRY, LAZINESS and PRIDE can either lead to Stealing; Prostitution or 419.  Nevertheless, 419 and Prostitution is like a game even the Edo State Government participated in playing the game,  for more understanding on how Edo State government participated in playing the game read article (DELTA STATE GOVERNMENT TO BE USING BENIN EDO STATE ELECTRICITY BILLS FOR PAYMENT) by clicking here

Prostitution and 419 is game if you play smart you become wealthy and superior and when you missed the game you either welcome a new baby or you end up inside prison or even get kill by Vigilantly men/ a Mobile Police officers: . For more update about this article visit

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