Wednesday, May 17, 2017


The electricity become the major problem facing Nigeria as whole , as you can see the images below and the address on top of it.

 For few weeks now ,  i have being on a business tour and research acquisition and that lead me to take a closer look at Delta state electricity bills and the address on top of the bills. imagine Ogharaefe , Ogharaeki, and Mosugar community of Delta state using Benin City electricity bills, (Benin Electric Distributor PLC Apkapkava Head Office Benin city) to be specific.

 Is only in Nigeria that you can see someone working at Sokoto and received his or her payment or Salary at Kebi State . This is a broad daylight Rubbering , how can Edo State government bypass and steal from Delta State government! Nigeria needs restructure ,this is a call for better governance . Before Delta State can boast of constant electricity is when their politicians we learn how to change their ways of governance. Delta State is being blessed with a lot of resources how will Ogharaefe, Ogharaeki and Mosugar sharing same electricity bills with Benin city, what happens to Delta state budget.

According to our writers who hold face to face interview with one of Ogharaefe Youth leader ,it was observed that the problem is not a things of today ,their electricity problems is from their corrupt politicians who uses the means for campaigning and after the election nothing is done about it . For more update about this article visit

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