Monday, May 8, 2017


 I am quiet aware that what I am about to say may sound silly in your sense of judgement, but on a more serious note, ladies need to ponder on first few paragraphs of it, because it is for their own personal consumption.Before I proceed, I must, however, plead to the young ladies not to cast aspersions on me for saying that they are competing too much with the men in all ramifications.

In our society today, single guys are struggling to make enough money and fame. In the same vein, some single girls are also doing the same. This is good, in fact, very very good for the upkeep of our crawling and crumbling economy. However, inasmuch as I believe so much in hardwork, wealth and fame, regardless of who acquires it, I do not think that single ladies should emphasize TOO MUCH on acquiring so much money and fame. Rather, it is my opinion that at a point in their hustling, they should pause for a while and then begin to hustle for the man who will marry them (except if a woman really dont care about marraige). After succeeding in getting a life partner, she can then continue her hustling. I said this, because a woman who aspires to get married may find it difficult to find a husband who truly love her when she had already acquired so much wealth and fame to herself. Secondly, men who truly love her but were not equal to her status may find it difficult to approach a woman of such calibre, and those whose status is equal to the status of the woman may be afraid of power tussle. Thirdly, those men who claim to love her may be doing so because of her money and fame. Hence, a tendency for the woman to marry the wrong man or to even spend her entire life without a life partner.

All these presumptions and conclusions are borne out of my casual observations, as well as
interactions with the vast majority of single guys of Igbo extraction.
One thing is pertinent in Igbo nation, such is that, real Igbo men cannot afford to be under the control of any woman for whatever reason. This, I believed, have accounted for the reasons why a right-thinking Igbo man would want to put things in order before marraige so as to reserve his
power as the head of both the house, wife, properties and family. It may, or may not be perculiar in your own
immediate environment, but I bet you, a man who often dance to the lyrics of a flute being played by a woman is bound to receive insult from her female flutist. Even when she has nothing to complain about, she would abuse the man for not putting the right steps in dancing to the lyrics of her flute. Quote me right! You can begin to say your own now. I have said my own. For more gist visit

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