Friday, November 6, 2015

More Photos of The Infant Who Miraculously Survived The South Sudan Plane Crash .,

Here are photos of the infant who survived the Wednesday’s plane crash in South Sudan’s capital, Juba in which over 40 people died. 

Achol Deng, a presenter for the South Sudanese state television who was among the first on the scene of the wreckage, said she found the surviving infant near the wreckage lying on the chest of an unconscious man also injured in the crash.When the man, who suffered serious injuries to his arms, head and legs, regained consciousness, he said he used his body to shield the baby as the plane disintegrated.

Deng said she and others helped bring the baby to a hospital for care.The infant - whose age has been given as 13 and 14 months - is now recovering in hospital, doctors say. 

The infant, named Nyalou Deng, survived with a broken leg and a wound to her forehead. Her mother and older sister perished, according to the father, Thong Deng, who flew to Juba from his home in Paloich after hearing of the incident.

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