Sunday, November 8, 2015

See The Things Causing Failure In Marriage & How To Stop It

Someone by the title Tallesty has dropped a straight-to-the-point causes of failed marriages. Details...

1. Emotional Immaturity
Emotionally immature people are hard to deal with. They can be extremely challenging, because they lack the ability to see life clearly and accurately, and to deal with it. They lack the ability to handle real issues; they either resort to crying, insults or worst still they get themselves involved in diabolic acts to luck their partner's spirit to love them by force, no matter the wrongs they are committing.

2. Wrong Foundation
Anything build on a wrong foundation will not last. Most marriages fail not because the people involved are not willing to make it work but because it was built on a wrong foundation. 

Secondly, some ladies of today go to Spiritualists for special jazz or concoctions that will help them get a guy. Any marriage built on such foundation is doomed; it must die as soon as the juju wears off.

3. Feminism. 
These misguided movement have convinced some ladies that our mothers, grandmothers and great-grand mothers were ignorant. It has also convinced them that men are bad and that the only way for them to make it in life is to be bad themselves. What a wrong perspective! This is why little misunderstanding ends in a fight in marriage these days, some ladies are not ready to respect their man.

4. Putting Our Wants first Before Our Needs 
Of course every body wants to live in large house, ride nice car, go on vacations, etc but first a woman has to plan the life they should live with her husband, because we've seen people who were millionaires yesterday living a broke life today. It's due to lack of proper planning, they enjoyed wrongly.

Know how much you have today, know how much you need to live your dream life and how much work you need to do to get there, and make sure you work in that light or support your man to work.

5. Copying Others and Listening To Their Advice 
A marriage is doomed to fail once we start listening to the advice of outsiders or copying them. When you listen to foolish advices on your relationship from a friend or family member whose sole objective maybe to destroy your marriage or from a man hater or woman hater, you will cease to love your partner.

You will start tearing him/her down with your words. Respect in the marriage will jump the fence, seeking his/her opinion on an issue becomes unnecessary because his/her judgment cannot be trusted by you.

5. Not Setting Priorities Right, Not Researching Background and Wrong Mindset. 
People no longer make working with their spouse to get a good family their priority. Secondly some don't do research on their partner's family backgrounds to know about his/her family. They act based on love blindly. A family's background such as honesty, integrity, modesty and other good morals should be considered before tying the knot.

Making findings about your partner will save you the agony of marrying in a family where jazz, juju and all forms of evil are their way of life, because if you're not careful you could be caught in the mix.

6. Holding on to past relationships
Nothing puts stress on a marriage today than the situation where some ladies are secretly in contact with their ex-boyfriends and the sugar daddies they slept with before meeting their fiance or husband. Some times, such lady shamelessly continue to sleep with these men even when she is engaged or married, just because she want to be having money in her bank account that she can't work for.

Any man who finds himself with this kind of lady should not waste his time, such marriage is a sham!

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