Saturday, December 24, 2016


Sex is not all about making children. You must look different to your husband every day, always seduce him, don't allow him to ask for sex before you give him, don't argue wen he say I Need sex, always be ready to satisfied him because a man that is sexually satisfied is emotionally stable. Don't say is it food? My dear is food!!!!!! If u start having time table for sex you have started telling your husband to look for it else where be careful the way you treat your husband on bed, don't fight him, do ur possible best to corporate wit
him because sex is more sweeter wen the two parties agreed together. But remember, always have time to pray for your self and husband so that the devil will not have his way to
tempt your marriage. Support your husband in all ramifications, sexually, financially nd otherwise.
Don't born too many children... There are not for sell Don't be too holy to kiss your husband in public... Is your husband for Gods sake Always call him sweet names like my prince, my hero, my choice etc. Always tell him that without him no man will have you. Don't feel shy to discuss about the last sex you guyz had.
For u men...don't take such woman for granted, respect her, treat her like a Queen she is and honour her womanhood.
God bless our marriage.
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