Friday, December 30, 2016


According to the law of supply and demand, it was noted that the Lower the price the higher the Quantity demanded. But it's amazing me that some importer don't know or understand all this strategies, last two weeks I was at Delta state and i price a Nokia handset from a hawkers and he reply the last price for this handset is N2500 (Two thousands five hundred naira only). When I get to Lagos I also price the same Nokia Phone from an importer at Computer village Ikeja Lagos and he reply i sale such Nokia phone for N2500 whole sales while his retailing price is N3000 (Three thousands naira only). I pulse for a while to compared a Delta state hawkers price to that of an import at Computer village Ikeja Lagos, I noted that some importers are just influencing a lot money to their product on a daily basis, in other to get an accurate results for my research, I tried different shops, but end up getting same reply. Then I leave Nokia phone and go for smart phone like Infinite , Tecno, blackberry etc, these was the figure I got also.

Computer Village
Prices for new smart phone as from N58,000 to N100,000 each for whole sales and N60,000 to N120,000 naira each as retailing price depending on the types of configuration. While London used smart phone is as from N28,000 to N50,000 depends on the type of configuration.

I left computer village Ikeja Lagos to Alaba International market Ojo. On getting there, I first ask of same Nokia phone that I price at Computer village Ikeja.

At Alaba International market, the phone is been sold at the rate N1500 from an importer, while the retailers price is N2500, while for smart phones like infinite, Tecno, Blackberry, etc is been sold as from N10,000 to N50,000 naira each depends on the type of configuration. While the London used for the smart phone is been sold as from N3500 to N10,000. Depending on the type of configuration as well.

According to the analysis , it was clearly stated that product at Computer Villages are more expensive to that of Alaba International market in terms of Phones , Phone Accessories, Generators, Television, Remote control and electronics in general.
I advice retailer and wholesalers to try Alaba International market for durable and affordable products price before any other market places.
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