Saturday, December 31, 2016


Since the Managing Director of Louis Valentino Limited beside punch news paper Magboro Ogun state Terminated my appointment as an Executive Assistant to MD on 20th November 2015 under President Buhari government after working for Just 3 week without giving a reason behind the sudden termination, I reported the case to Police station , invited a Nigerian lawyer, after a lawyer conversation with the MD, him the Managing Director promise to pay but end up not paying till date. I think this is against Nigerian Labour Law. Click here…/fraudulent-companie… or copy & paste read more.

Nevertheless, I think twice, and decided to forgive him hence he can not afford to pay off the debt by turning him the Managing Director as my campaign Canvasser for 2018 / 2019

1. Constant Electricity
2. Support for motherless baby home.
3. Youth Empowerments.
Campaign budget N100,000,000
Furthermore, before the acting President, President Buhari become the acting President  of Federal Republic of Nigerian, a lot of people supported him to make it reality.
kindly deposit your support with any of the following bank accounts.

1. Act name: Obinotech campaign,
Act number: 0164153900,
Bank: Granted trust Bank
2. Act name: Obinotech campaign,
Act number: 0041129421
Bank: Access Bank PLC
3. Act name: Obinotech campaign Act number: 0069992644
Bank: Diamond Bank PLC . thanks for your support
Obinotech 2019.
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