Sunday, April 16, 2017


Watch out for the continuation of a drama between Managing Director of Louis Valentino Limited beside punch news paper Magboro Ogun State, Nigerian Top Secret blogger and Yoruba Movie Stars :It all started when I rented a shop at OBA of Ejigbo business complex, 4 Ifoshi road Iyana Ejigbo Lagos state .click to read LEO for more understanding . There is a boy call Samuel who use to work for me at my ICT Centre / Cyber Cafe (OBINOTECH) the boy is very good in a system, and as a Boss I like him, not until when they stole my Laptop and a Digital camera at my office in which i replace another one and ask him to invite his father.

 After my conversation with his father, he left. One day he was not that comfortable and I ask him, what the matter Samuel?, should I add money to your salary? but Samuel reply was no, I'm not working for you again my father want us to relocate to our house at Ijebu Ode Ogun State.I have no other option than to replace him with another person. It is an IT student call AYO same OBINOTECH but unfortunately the business went down when my landlord who happens to be an OBA of Ejigbo cousins started to complains about my generator that always make noise and also disturbed them, I have to relocate to Ojota ,rent out the office space at Ejigbo and rented another appointment there. Below are the pictures of how angry youth destroyed my door net and windows for my newly rented apartment at Ojota simply because they see me as an OBA or a Yoruba CHIEF and some people didn't see anything to collect from me as an OBA .

Images of broken door net and windows by angry youth who needs money from OBA OBINOTECH

Yesterday before I came from Ogun state in other to hustle for an Electricity as demanded by Louis Valentino limited Managing director as requested before my salary we be paid by the company. Furthermore I remember years back when I was schooling at Ilorin kwara State,I have a worker at my computer center call Odunayo Amigun. Few months now during research at Ijebu Ode, I was shock to see a YORUBA ACTORS USING THE SAME STORYLINE TO MAKE MONEY please try and watch a Yoruba Drama Call SAMUEL THE ALAJO part 1 to 4 very interested film why the part 5 and 7 is, ( AMIGUN THE OGA OGA),. The newly acted drama is taking about one Yoruba Chief called (BALE) who is using magical powers to disturbed Nigeria Policemen:

I think the part 8 and 9 Should be Louis Valentino Limited Managing Director needs light (Electricity) before he pay his staffs salary.  You can as well buy a CD plates from Haruna Ishola titled Manchines and listen to the names of all my friends during the time I was schooling including the one I meet year 2002 during my WAEC Exam at Odopotu Community Grammar School Odopotu Ijebu Ode Ogun State . Such names :like Abiodun, likewise the one meet at E.Stream Network limited Lagos Island also named Engineer Abiodun please in other to confirm the story buy Haruna Ishola tap titles Manchines. For more update visit

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