Sunday, April 9, 2017


 The situation is becoming critical as the Ogun State power stations is totally down ,the youth are bitterly annoyed while the business men and women's that make used of the electricity are complaining of low sales due to non constant of the electricity. According to our writer that interview one of the official of Ibadan Electric Distribution Company Shagamu office, during the interview ,It was noted that the problem is from our corrupted politician while promising that the problem we be surely resolved as they are working harder to make sure that the Ogun State electricity problem we be restored so that those who pay for the services can fully enjoyed their money.

 Blew are the images taking

Furthermore,  the Louis Valentino Limited Production Manager that need road is now enjoying it as the Julius's Begger Construction Company are now working day and night to make sure they finished their ROAD construction on time.

 Blew is the images taking from lagos Ibadan expressway constructed by Julius beggar Construction company 

 Finally a personal visitation was made at various schools at Ogun State to confirm if the teacher's are not making mistakes while teaching the students. for more understanding of these article read The Practice Of Boko hara in an Organization by clicking.…/the-practicing-of-… or copy and paste to read 

 Blew are the images

Meanwhile a proper sanitation has been made throughout Ogun state and all unuseful charm and medicine has been uprooted by members of prayer warriors, while we are still waiting for pay from the managing Director of Louis Valentino limited besides punch news papers Magboro Ogun State.

Below is the pictures taken during our visitation:

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