Saturday, October 24, 2015

Guy Reveals The "Dirty" Encounter He Had with A Lagos Babe

So, I was returning from work this (Friday) evening and took a bus from Oshodi to Sango. I sat at the last seat close to the window.

This tall, good looking lady came to sit beside me while others came in and the bus was filled up. Though I am not a fan of chatting up ladies in public transport, today was an exception and I ended up very disappointed after my experience. I got bored along the road due to long Lagos traffic and my phone was dead, so I had no choice than to strike a convo. I bought chips and offered her some, but she refused, thanked me and smiled. 

I enjoyed my chips then bought a chilled bottle of Teem. I was having trouble opening the drink, so she volunteered opening it for me. 

I thanked her and we started talking. By this time, we've gotten to Dopemu, close to Iyana-Ipaja. Suddenly, she asked me if she could get a public toilet around Iyana-Ipaja. 

At first I was confused, and I asked her what the problem was. She said she was having runny stomach. I advised her to drop and look for somewhere to take care of herself or hold it if she can. Obviously, she took the second advise and kept to herself. 

Then I ended the convo because she wasn't feeling easy and I needed her to calm herself. 

We were approaching tollgate when I started perceiving a strong foul odour. At first, I thought she just farted or something, then the other two passengers sitting next to her dropped and the smell increased astronomically. When the passengers alighted, she adjusted herself and moved closer to the other window. 

Mehn, I couldn't breath again! She had pooed (defecated) in her pants. The whole back seat was stinking. I just couldn't stand the smell, so I had drop before I got to my bus stop. I either choose that or I choke on the foul stench. 

Right now, I'm still in shock. She could have dropped somewhere and save herself of this disgrace. Wonder what she would tell her boyfriend or husband.

- The babe should have just stopped at any eatery on the road to save herself such public embarrassment.

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