Friday, October 23, 2015

Who is After Saraki – The Law or the APC???

The Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila, on Thursday said the ongoing trial of Senate President Dr Bukola Saraki, at the Code of Conduct Tribunal for false asset declaration had nothing to do with the All Progressives Congress…

Gbajabiamila, who spoke with State House correspondents shortly after he and some members of the House of Representatives met with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa, Abuja said since the issue had to do with the law, Saraki would be given his day in court.
House of reps majority leader, also doused reports on any leadership row in the National Assembly – He said:
“Everything that has a beginning, has an end. I don’t think and I don’t know if there is any leadership crisis in the National Assembly.
“I am not sure at what you are alluding to; I am not in the Senate. But the little I understand is that there is an issue involving the Senate President. That has nothing to do with the APC.
“That has to do with the issue of law and I am sure the Senate President is being represented and he will have his day in court.
“If the matter comes up, I don’t think it is an APC issue; it is not an APC issue at all.”
The House Leader also ruled out the possibility of the constitution of House committees causing crisis. He said:
“It would be handled by members of the House. The correct thing is that justice is done, equity is done and once that is done, then there is not going to be a problem.
“There are 180 or 190 committee slots while there are 360 members.
“So, whichever way it falls out, the important thing is the fallout that is not based on equity, then there may be a problem.”
However, a former Chairman, House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Mr. Zakari Mohammed, held a divergent view to that ofd the House Leader.
According to Punch, Mohammed, who is from Kwara State,said Saraki’s travails began soon after he became the President of the Senate, adding that Saraki’s case is like that of “a witch crying last night and the baby dying in the morning.”
He said:
“Gbajabiamila is my leader in the House, but he is being hypocritical. He is not telling us the truth.
“Even a blind man can see that as soon as Saraki emerged as the President of the Senate, he became a target.
“My worry is that it is the institution of democracy that is being weakened; in the long run, we will all suffer it together.”
But Mr. James Faleke, an APC House Member from Lagos, said that the APC had no hand in Saraki’s case – He said:
“Nobody is against Saraki. This is about law. The APC has nothing against him. As a matter that is purely a legal one, the Senate president has done well by going to court to challenge his trial.”
Is the law or the APC – Who do you think is after Saraki???

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