Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Babysitter faces jail after admitting to having made a 13yr old boy touch her sexually

Mary-Ellen Mooney, a full time insurance sales operative, admitted two charges of causing/inciting a boy aged 13 to engage in sexual activity. Mooney was at a family home minding the kids she had been trusted to protect and care for as their parents were away.

One of the child's friends visited the house and Mooney sat with him on the sofa watching TV. The pair started "cuddling" and 18-year-old Mooney began to make sexual suggestions.

She then grabbed his hand and "guided" it down to her genital area, placing his hand inside her underwear.

Richard Milne, prosecuting, said: "It was believed that all this all happened in a period of minute and also involved the pair kissing on the lip." Following the incident on January 10, Mooney, from Bradwell Common, Milton Keynes, Bucks, sent Facebook messages to the boy – describing what they would do if they met again.

Mr Milne added the messages were "clearly of a sexual nature". Aylesbury Crown Court in Amersham heard that the boy's family confronted Mooney and launched an assault against her which was dealt with by police.

"This is a case that clearly passes the custody threshold and, although this is not certain, you must know that you could face a prison sentence following your offences which you have admitted." Judge Karen Holt said She will be sentenced on November 1.

Source: Daily Star

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