Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Man Brutally Rapes Teen Boys and Later Sends in Facebook Request

A 37-year-old man named Jermarro Dantzler has been arrested by the police, and charged with the brutal rape of a teenage boy…

According to police report, the 15 year old High School boy was walking home when Jermarro came at him with a gun.
The boy thought the man wanted to rob him but that was before the depraved man pulled him into the bushes and then raped.
According to the victim, while being raped Jermarro questioned him, asking him where he went to school, and then asked for his Facebook page.
After raping him, Jermarro threw two twenty dollar bills at the boy before running off.
Police report says days after, the rapist sent a friend request to the boy’s Facebook page. The boy notified authorities who tracked down the animal, and DNA tests matched the teen’s rape kit.
OMG! What is the world coming to???

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