Sunday, October 18, 2015

Photo: Labourer left paralysed after he fell from bunk bed

Bilal Syed suffered horrific head and spinal injuries as he turned on his bed with no railings and fell from a height of 5.5 feet. The 30-year-old sports and outdoor lover, who came to Dubai in September with dreams of earning money and securing a decent living, ended up as a quadriplegic in Rashid Hospital, within 28 days of his arrival.

The heavy built semi-skilled labourer with a high school qualification from Lahore, Pakistan, had begun work at a metal fabrication unit. He underwent spinal surgery at Rashid Hospital holds out hope of some improvement in some time.
"I am feeling better and will walk," he whispers defiantly when asked about his health.
His brothers, who take turns keeping vigil by his bedside, pray fervently for a miracle. Pam Gouri, volunteer from Valley of Love, told Gulf News that such injuries were resulting in serious loss of productivity and quality of life for these poor workers.
"Every year many white collar workers fall from bunk beds and suffer from lacerations, sprains and fractures. But as volunteers we attend to at least 4-5 cases of serious spinal injuries rendering the individual either a paraplegic or quadriplegic."
Source: Gulf News

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