Thursday, October 15, 2015

Photo: Three sisters killed after falling into a truck filled with grain

The three sisters identified as 13-year-old Catie Bott and twins Dara and Jana Bott, both 11, died after falling into a truck filled with grain despite frantic rescue efforts at the farm in Withrow, Alberta. Family members had rushed to free them from the truck of canola seed and administer CPR after the accident, but two of the sisters died at the scene and another died later in hospital.

In a statement, the girls’ parents Roger and Bonita Bott thanked medics who had tried to save their children. "Our kids died living life on the farm," they said. “It is a family farm. We do not regret raising and involving our kids Catie, 13, Dara, 11, Jana, 11, on our farm. It was our life."

The family's pastor, Brian Allan, added: "This is what they really loved to do. If there is something to be said for a family working together was the bonding." Authorities said the girls had been playing on the grain truck when they somehow suffocated in the seed.

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