Friday, October 16, 2015

Why is the allowance of some Corpers in Osun State being delayed?

Email from some Corpers in the state
Here's what happening. Majority of the Corpers using a bank in Osun State have not been payed their monthly allowance, which is supposed to have been paid early this month. According to some corpers who went to make enquiries at the bank, they said the issue is from NYSC. While those that complained to NYSC said it's reportedly from the Federal Government. Worthy to note is that Osun State does not pay state allowance to corpers like other states. It's always delayed until they finish service. Then they get paid for just few months.

Why should some Corpers be serving their nation for free? Why should their little monthly allowance be delayed? Why should some Corpers get paid, while the allowance of other Corpers in the very same state be delayed? Not sure if its a nationwide problem but I can confirm that the Corpers using Diamond Bank in Osun state haven't gotten paid. The DG of NYSC should kindly do something about this.

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